Term 1 Recap


WOW! Time flies when you have fun. The students in 5/6B have started the year off very well! Term 1 was very busy and there was a lot of work done, in and outside the classroom. Here are a few highlights of Term 1:

Pupil Of The Week for Term 1: The Pupil of the Week certificate is awarded to a student who follows and demonstrates the school and classroom values. The awarding ceremony happens every Monday at the school assembly. There were a lot of students who were in contention for the reward each week, but there could only be one.

Well done to the following students: Kiara Robinho Emmanuel Jwan Anthony

Congratulations to the all our Pupil of the Week students in Term 1. We hope to see different students awarded the certificate in Term 2.


The students completed an extensive swimming program at Broadmeadow Leisure Centre. The swimming program taught the students the skills needed to be safe in and around water. The feedback we got from the swimming instructors were great. We are all happy with how the students represented themselves and Bethal Primary.


During Week 7, students from grade 4, 5 and 6 attended Doxa Camp in Malmsbury. The camp was jammed packed with challenging and fun activities. The students went outside their comfort zone, conquering their fears of heights through the rock climbing and giant swing activities. The camp also provided opportunity for students to try their hand at cooking and build friendships through a range of team games. Camp was a huge success! Everything went according to plan, and it was good to see a lot of smiles on faces for all three days.

Harmony Day:

On the 21st of March, the school celebrated Harmony Day. Teachers and students wore orange to celebrate and recognise the diversity in Australia. There was a special Harmony Day assembly held in the last hour of school. The assembly comprised of student-led presentations, singing, and even the teachers from different backgrounds came up on stage to read in their language. Our students in 5/B, showed off their Spanish skills and presented for the whole school. Here is a short clip of Jwan, Lu’ay and Kiara reading in Spanish at the Harmony Day assembly.

As Term 2 is on the horizon, I want to congratulate the students on the great start to the year, but in saying that, we now want to continue on with the great start and carry the positive attitude into Term 2.

Mr. Tran